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Today’s generation is beauty focused. Be it a college going girl, a mature woman or a working male – everyone wants to look beautiful. It goes without saying that beauty increases your confidence manifolds. When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful and confident. An individual should look fabulous and classy always. If you are the one who thinks beauty takes lots of pampering and nurturing, then you haven’t yet tried the MTS International brand of beauty products. 

Company Portfolio 

MTS is a long established name that has been working to manifest the beauty desires of people. Products coming from the umbrella of MTS not just talk of quality, but affordability too! MTS International is a parent company that includes different brands focused in many different kinds of products. MTS International brand of beauty products have the GemBlue Biocare beauty products for women and the Cimelle grooming products for men. Together they form the crux of MTS International that is going PAN India with the products.

Our Vision

"Quality is the King, and customer is the boss." With this in mind, we believe in passing on the cost benefits to our loyal customers, and thus we have brought down the cost of operations by incorporating the state-of-the-art technology in our manufacturing procedures, and our presence in more than 15 states of India has aided in strengthening our distribution network across the length and breadth of India pretty quickly and enabled us to reach out to the far off customers.  

Our Perspective

We like to be the leader in the domestic front where our affordable product range backed by the seal of quality can reach the shelves of every Indian household.  


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Quality is Our Habit, and Affordability is Our Promise! 



GemBlue Biocare beauty products are the professional skincare products for women that are scientifically proven to make the skin look healthy, young, and beautiful. It contains cutting-edge ingredients that are safe and effective and give radiance on the skin. Get a completely new meaning of beauty with the GemBlue Biocare beauty products for women. With it, you never have to compromise on quality. Fit for any skin type, these products are one of the best ways to groom and pamper yourself. These affordable and superior quality beauty products can help you get the perfect glow. 

GemBlue Biocare Beauty Products for Women of Substance

Every girl is beautiful. Sometimes, it just takes the right beauty product to enhance it. The GemBlue Biocare products contain those magical ingredients that show on the face of a girl through a natural glow and unmatched exuberance. They accentuate the natural beauty and make the girl feel extremely confident and ready to face the world with stride.  



We stock a large variety of men's salon products. Beauty today is not just restricted to females; but their male counterparts are equally excited about their beauty regimes. Catering to this domain, CIMELLE focuses on providing a great salon range for men's beauty regimes. "HE" has to be HANDSOME!  

Men! Do you qualify to be called the new ‘ubersexual’ man? The trendy ‘ubersexual’ man takes control and exudes confidence. He has got the ultra stylish masculinity and the killer-looks. Get the competitive edge by gaining looks and confidence. Try out the CIMELLE range of salon products that will make you attractive and handsome. If you are willing to look around, browse through the affordable and high-grade quality Cimelle products. You will find ample options for good quality skin care. 

Cimelle Range of Salon Products for the Savvy Man 

The Cimelle range of products is marketed by MTS International and you can buy it online. Their range of skincare products includes creams and masks made from the finest ingredients. They source the best ingredients from all over the world and put them together to make the best skincare products for men on the market today. These best skincare products from Cimelle contains everything that a man’s skin needs to keep it young and healthier looking. Use the Cimelle range of products and your skin will thank you for it!

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Covering the expanse of the Indian sub continent, MTS has its roots in India.   

We have a vast distribution network in many parts of the Indian sub-continent; we are having our offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and many other states spanning the length and breadth of the country; with head offices in Delhi and Mumbai.